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40 Days of Renewal: Powerless without Prayer

by Debra Carroll on February 03, 2019

During these 40 Days of Renewal, I have been intentional about reading and meditating on God’s Word, praying, and praising Him throughout the day, but that’s really how it should always be if we desire to have a close relationship with our Heavenly Father. Prayer is a discipline that when exercised, will give you a greater intimacy with your Father. I want that intimacy with my Father. Meeting with others on Wednesdays at noon to pray has been such a meaningful experience during the 40 Days. As we pray together in His presence, we seek Him with all our hearts. We praise Him, we adore Him, we intercede for others, and we pray for those who are lost. There is no greater honor than to kneel and bow before His throne. As Christians, our lives are powerless without prayer. Revival in our church can only come through prayer. I am hopeless to live a victorious life without prayer. 

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