MeadowBrook's beliefs

What We Believe

What we believe about the Power of the Bible

The Bible is true and divinely inspired, revealing the person and work of Jesus as the only hope for humanity and guiding the Christian in all manners that pertain to this life and godliness. The Bible reveals that there is one eternal God, who is the Creator and is perfect in righteous and love, that eternally exists in three distinct, yet equal persons: Father, Son, and Spirit.

What we believe about God the Father

God the Father, according to the purposes of his grace, reigns over all of creation and humanity, both of which were created and are sustained by his word, all for the praise of his glory. God the Father made a way for men and women to be adopted as his sons through faith in his eternal Son, Jesus Christ, whom he gave to be crucified for the sins of many.

What we believe about Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man, and on while on earth, he perfectly revealed and did the will of God, and he made provision for the redemption of mankind through his substitutionary death and his resurrection, which is to be received through faith in him. Jesus Christ is now ascended into Heaven, waiting to return in power and glory, interceding for those who have faith in him, reigning as Lord of all, and leading his Church as its head. 

What we believe about Holy Spirit

God the Spirit convicts the world regarding their unbelief, leading some into faith and repentance, indwelling and empowering those believers to walk in righteousness, progressively conforming them into the image of Christ, and permanently keeping them until the day they acquire their inheritance given by grace.

What we Believe about mankind

Man was created for the purpose of glorifying God and enjoying him forever, but as a result of man’s willful rebellion, all men and women everywhere are totally depraved in nature, bound for eternal destruction, and without hope apart from salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone.

What we believe about salvation

Salvation is obtained through us turning from our sins and turning in faith to Jesus Christ and putting our full trust in his completed work on the Cross, not gained or secured by works. There is no salvation apart from Jesus Christ.

 Salvation, in its broadest sense, includes regeneration (new birth), justification (legal declaration of righteousness), sanctification (Spirit-empowered growth in Christlikeness), and glorification (the culmination of salvation in our resurrected bodies in the new Heaven and new earth).