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Refugee Work in Clarkston, GA

God has brought the nations to our doorstep in order for us to reach them with the Gospel! Locally, we have international students at Gadsden State. But within driving distance, we have refugees from dozens of countries (over 60). Refugees reside in almost every major American city, including Atlanta, GA. We have an incredible opportunity to learn about and engage refugees who have come to a community close to us (only a 2 hour drive away). Some of us can’t get on an airplane and go around the world, but most of us can drive 2 hours and spend a weekend or week building relationships with folks who need to hear about Jesus!

Be a part of an Engage Weekend in Clarkston. This is a Friday night – Sunday afternoon experience in Clarkston where you will get a chance with a group from MeadowBrook to learn more about refugees, the process to become a refugee, what the Bible says is our responsibility to care for the refugee, have an opportunity to meet and spend time with refugees in their homes and in the community, do some ministry alongside them and worship with them on Sunday.


Equipping the Local Church in Buenos Aires

Liniers Baptist Church in Buenos Aires is our local church partner on the ground in Argentina. We have had the opportunity to come alongside them over the past few years, building a good relationship with them and help to equip them in several different trainings. They have planted a church outside of the city as well that we have had opportunities with as well. This year, they are asking us to help them build a biblical worldview for marriage through a marriage retreat in September.

Trip Dates: TBD
Estimated Trip Cost: $1,800.00
Application Deadline: TBD


Jose and Gaby Prado and their organization, Hope Ministries, have been longtime friends and partners with MeadowBrook. Each September we have a team of ladies who head down to Costa Rica to come alongside Hope Ministries to help equip the ladies they reach out to with marketable skills and to speak the Gospel to them.

Trip Dates: TBD
Estimated Trip Cost: $1,300.00
Application Deadline: TBD


Evangelism in Cuba

Over the past few years we have had teams traveling down to partner with the Church in Cuba to share the hope of Jesus with their people. The Lord is doing a great work in Cuba despite the increasing pressure from the government. Our teams go in alongside the local church there into homes and have opportunities to share the Gospel. The local church then will do all the follow up to disciple and gather new believers into church plants throughout the country!

Trip Dates: TBD
Estimated Trip Cost: $1,500.00
Application Deadline: TBD


Partnering with a Church Plant in Tokyo

Japan is our newest global partner in that we will have our first trip over there this year to come alongside Gordon & Julie Hengeveld, a couple from Grace Bible Church in Rainbow City who have moved to the Tokyo area to come alongside Sonrise Church, a church that was planted in the city to reach Japanese with the Gospel. Japan is one of the least reached countries in the world. Our team will be able to travel to Japan to experience Japanese culture and to see firsthand the difficulties of reaching the Japanese with the Gospel. We will have opportunities to come alongside Sonrise Church and different avenues of ministry they have from English clubs with children and university age students where they share Bible stories, to homeless ministry and other avenues in which they seek to develop relationships in their community.

Trip Dates: TBD
Estimated Trip Cost: $2,000.00
Application Deadline: TBD

The middle east

Partnering with a Local Church and a Doctor

We have two partners in the Middle East now, both in the same country. A local church called Grace Evangelical and Carol Spears, who is a surgeon employed at a hospital in another part of the country. In both cases we want to come alongside the church and Carol to encourage them and see how we can further support them and help them to enhance their ministry opportunities. Being in a Muslim, Gulf state, the nature of our trips over there are different from other regions of the world in that we cannot use certain language on social media and even in conversation on the ground necessarily, the things we do on the ground will not be as overt as in other areas of the world either.

Trip Dates: November 6th – 14th, 2020
Estimated Trip Cost: $1,800.00
Application Deadline: September 6th, 2020


Training Pastors and Church Planters among the South Sudanese

We have had a relationship with the South Sudanese for almost a decade now and our partnership with them has changed over the years from going into their villages in South Sudan to train them in community development to training groups of church planters and pastors to lead out in the refugee camps in Northern Uganda where they now all reside due to war in their country. We have about a 3 year cycle of training in which we take them through (2-3 teams per year from MeadowBrook) that head to Uganda and train these pastors so they can plant churches and effectively make disciples among the people groups in their camps. The trainings this year will be focused on Hermeneutics, which is learning to read and interpret the Bible (June training) and Community Health Evangelism/Community Development Training (October training).

Trip Dates: October 23rd – 31st, 2020
Estimated Trip Cost: $1,500.00
Application Deadline: August 23rd, 2020


Investing into Students at Bethel Covenant College in Entebbe

BCC is a Christian private school in Entebbe, Uganda that we have had a long standing relationship with. Each year around Thanksgiving we send a MeadowBrook team to spend a week with the students teaching and training them in different areas for the sake of them knowing and walking faithfully with Jesus in their lives. We want to equip them to be disciple-makers that make a great Kingdom impact in Uganda and throughout Africa.

Trip Dates: November 20th – 28th, 2020
Estimated Trip Cost: $1,500.00
Application Deadline: September 20th, 2020


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