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Refugee Work in Clarkston, GA

God has brought the nations to our doorstep in order for us to reach them with the Gospel! Locally, we have international students at Gadsden State. But within driving distance, we have refugees from dozens of countries (over 60). Refugees reside in almost every major American city, including Atlanta, GA. We have an incredible opportunity to learn about and engage refugees who have come to a community close to us (only a 2 hour drive away). Some of us can’t get on an airplane and go around the world, but most of us can drive 2 hours and spend a weekend or week building relationships with folks who need to hear about Jesus!

Be a part of a 2019 Engage Weekend in Clarkston. This is a Friday night – Sunday afternoon experience in Clarkston where you will get a chance with a group from MeadowBrook to learn more about refugees, the process to become a refugee, what the Bible says is our responsibility to care for the refugee, have an opportunity to meet and spend time with refugees in their homes and in the community, do some ministry alongside them and worship with them on Sunday.

  • Clarkston: Next Trip = 11/8 – 11/10, Cost = $84 includes housing and some meals


Equipping the Local Church in Buenos Aires

Our partnership in Argentina is aimed at equipping and mobilizing the local church of Argentina to be engaged in global disciple making and church planting. It also involves training them in community development as a strategy for their rural church plants among their own people. Liniers (pronounced “lin-yares”) Baptist Church is our primary partner, but they have recruited several other local churches to come along with them so that when we go down there we are investing into 4-6 different local churches.

  • Next Trip = Spring 2020, Estimated Cost = $1500 - $1800


Evangelism in Cuba

The doors for the Gospel have opened in Cuba and opportunities for us to partner with the local Baptist Convention and churches in country are available. We have opportunities to come alongside the local churches there in order to help them evangelize their people.

  • Next Trip Date: September 2020
  •  Estimated Cost: $1500 - $1800


Partnering with a Church Plant in Tokyo

Japan is one of the least reached countries in the world. Our mission partners there are working to establish a church plant in a coffee shop that aims to reach the younger generation of Japanese with the Gospel. Opportunities for us include conversational English clubs, prayer walking, helping with church services among other things.

  • Next Trip = June 2020
  • Estimated Cost $1800 - $2000

The middle east

Partnering with a Local Church and a Doctor

The Middle East is home to many unreached people groups (UPGs) as well as three major religious worldviews (Islam, Judaism, and Christianity). Though the events of the Bible took place primarily in this region, the vast majority of people who live there do not believe and follow the Bible as God’s Word. There is a deep need for the transforming work of Jesus among them. Our local church partner and another partner who is a doctor in a different part of the country seek to be a light in a dark place and we have a great opportunity to come alongside them and be a part of the Gospel coming to those who do not acknowledge Jesus as Lord.

  • Next Trip Date: October 2020
  • Estimated Trip Cost: $1800 - $2000


Training Pastors and Church Planters among the South Sudanese

MeadowBrook has a long standing relationship with the South Sudanese that began in-country until the civil war moved all of our contacts to refugee camps in northern Uganda. This partnership involves training church planters and pastors to be able to plant and lead vibrant, healthy churches among the South Sudanese tribes in their refugee camps and eventually back in their homeland of South Sudan.

  • Next Trip Dates: June 2020
  • Estimated Cost: $1500 - $1800


Investing into Students at Bethel Covenant College in Entebbe

Like the South Sudanese, MeadowBrook has had a relationship with this Ugandan school and its leadership for years. This partnership is aimed at discipling and equipping the next generation of Africans to live their lives for kingdom expansion and to make disciples.

  • Next Trip Dates: 11/22 – 11/30
  • Estimated Cost: $1500 - $1800

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