Coronavirus Missions Opportunities

Here is a brief summary of some local ways to love on our faith family and our community during the COVID-19 outbreak...

  • Open Hands:
    • The ministry of Open Hands is continuing on. We have changed the operation of Open Hands to a drive-thru approach, where the people we serve stay in their vehicles and then they will receive a box of food, hygiene products and a Gospel flyer or booklet. We are in need of those who are able and willing to place food boxes into the trunks of cars or to write down the names of those we serve for the records we have to report to the Community Food Bank of Alabama. The next time we are going to be open will be on Tuesday, March 31st at 8:00 am. The address is 173 Jester Parkway, Rainbow City, 35906. For more questions, you can call or text Mike Niemi, Missions Pastor, at 256-441-1962
    • Another opportunity for Open Hands would be to come in during the week and help to organize the clothing for the seasonal change over. This would include taking down and cleaning out the winter clothing that is currently on the racks and then putting out the spring and summer clothing. If you are interested in being a part of this opportunity, you can call or text Elona Morgan at 256-390-8933
  • Way of the Cross:
    • Like Open Hands, the ministry of the Way of the Cross will continue to go on each Thursday, but it will look a little differently. Our team will prepare a hot meal for the people that morning, but instead of serving it to them directly, we will fill to-go boxes that they pick up when they sign in at the door and then exit right afterwards. If you are interested in helping to prepare the meal, we start around 8:00 am at the building or if you would rather come to help fill the to-go boxes you can come around 10:00 am. The address to the building is 101 N. 24th St., Gadsden 35904. For more questions, you can call or text Mike Niemi, Missions Pastor, at 256-441-1962
  • MeadowBrook Faith Family:
    • Like other churches, some of our members fall into the “at risk” category and are really trying to be “socially distant” for their health. One way we can love on them and serve them is to run some errands for them and take care of their needs as a family should. If you are interested in loving our “at risk” members in this way, you can call or text Mike Niemi, Missions Pastor, at 256-441-1962
  • International Students at Gadsden State:
    • There are about 30 or so international students who are still living in the dorm on campus. Their meals are being taken care of by the cafeteria, but there is a need they have is for some folks to purchase travel size hygiene items to be placed in a “Health Box” in the dorm lobby, therefore saving a trip into the public for the students where they might contract the virus. Some of the items include band aids, Q-tips, laundry detergent, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorants, hand sanitizers, mouth wash, toothbrushes, and hand wipes/baby wipes. If you are interested in loving on and ministering to our international students in this way, you can call or text Matt Burttram at 256-490-6787