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Weekly Resources - 3/29/20

Sermon Notes

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Starting Sunday, May 17th, we will return to our normal schedule and have the option for a modified worship service on-campus. Additionally, we will double our online presence and stream services both at 8:00 and 10:45 AM, and Life Groups will meet on Zoom at 9:30 AM. 

In our on-campus services, we will reduce our seating capacity, spread the seats further apart, and put in place measures to worship as safe as possible. These services will be reduced in time, giving each attendee time to return home so they might engage in Life Group at 9:30. We are unable to offer nursery, children’s services, and Life Groups on-campus at this time.

Some may feel it’s too soon for them personally to participate. That is OK. Each family or individual must make their decision. We understand these times are unique, but we are simply seeking to worship the Lord and love our neighbor as the gathered church with prudence, wisdom, and grace. 

This is simply a step toward all of us meeting together in the future.

Safety Guidelines for On-Campus Worship

Adult Life Groups

Even during this season, our Life Groups have the opportunity to shine in engaging in meaningful fellowship, evangelism, and encouragement. Life Groups will meet Sundays at 9:30AM digitally via the video conference platform, Zoom. This will give our Life Groups ability to have “face-to-face” fellowship at a physical distance, loving and prating for one another during this trying time. All one would need is either a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer with audio and video capabilities.

Click the link below for instructions and a list of Life Groups that will host Zoom meetings throughout this time.

On-line Life Group Page

I am convinced our Life Groups will arise to this occasion and truly demonstrate what it means to do life together for the kingdom of God!


Our wonderful preschool teachers, Krista Weaver-5K, Melissa Davis-4K, and Sabrina Walker-3K will record and upload their classes on MeadowBrook’s YouTube channel. Videos will be posted Sunday morning so parents can watch these videos with their children at a convenient time. Afterwards, they can do Sunday School activities with their children that we have sent through the mail.  

To start receiving these activities through the mail, or if you have any questions, please contact Vickey at (256) 442-3550 or  

YouTube Channel

Children’s Ministry

The MeadowBrook Children’s Ministry will still be going strong during this season! We still know and believe that our God never changes and Jesus loves us more than we can ever imagine! 

You can join us on Sundays for Kids worship Live and Wednesdays for Kidstuf on either of our digital platforms:

Facebook Group

YouTube Channel

We are still a community of believers who pray, worship and study God’s Word together!

If ANY needs arise, please, contact Kristi at 256-442-3550 or . 

Be sure to check out our MeadowBrook’s Kids Facebook page for current information and general comments and updates.


With school being dismissed, we are excited to be able to hang out with and encourage our students daily! Here is our digital schedule and reading plan for students:

Mondays: Devo & Discuss 8:30am (IG & FB Posts)

Tuesdays: Devo & Discuss 8:30am (IG & FB Posts)

"Ask Anything” Live! @ 1:00pm (InstagramTV)

Wednesday: Devo & Discuss 8:30am (IG & FB Posts)

 MIDWEEK Digital @ 6:00pm (InstagramTV & Youtube) 

Thursdays: Devo & Discuss 8:30am (IG & FB Posts)

 ZOOM Live! @ 1:00pm Zoom Meeting Link

Fridays: Devo & Discuss 8:30am (IG & FB Posts)

Saturdays: Devo & Discuss 8:30am (IG & FB Posts)

Sundays: Devo & Discuss 8:30am (IG & FB Posts)

LifeGroups Digital @ 9:30am (LifeGroup Leaders will host Zoom Meeting)

Local Missions

The Coronavirus has created quite a unique time for our culture and world today. Despite the limitations that have been put in place and the practice of “social distancing”, the needs of ministry remain and even to a greater degree potentially. We may not be able to carry on in our local ministry efforts like we normally would, BUT we are carrying on in ministry! And now there are opportunities that many of you in our faith family are able to take advantage of that you could not beforehand due to school and work schedule conflicts. A brief summary of some local ways to love on our faith family and our community can be found using the link below.

Local Mission Opportunities


Your faithfulness to give generously has always encouraged me; really, you’ve astounded me. MeadowBrook’s ministries and mission efforts continue, and, in many ways, they’re growing as various needs and opportunities arise. For our church to continue fruitful ministry during this season, we each need to give faithfully. Giving options include:

  • Online by check (ACH) or card at mbchurch.com/givingPlease consider setting up an automatic contribution or give online today.
  • Mail contributions to 2525 Rainbow Drive, Gadsden, AL 35901