D-Groups Begin

D-Groups Begin

Sunday, February 16, 2020 - Saturday, February 22, 2020

Click HERE to download our 2020 D-Group Booklet

What are D-Groups?

D-Groups are small groups consisting of people of the same gender or of married couples who meet together at least once a week in pursuit of Jesus. Over the period of two 13 week sessions, one in the spring and one in the fall, each D-Group will purpose to grow together as they engage God through his word and prayer, while also engaging others in ministry.

D-Group is not a Bible study taught by a teacher. Each member will learn to listen and be instructed by the Holy Spirit. One of the most “spiritual” things we will do is place a “?” beside the areas where we have questions, trusting the Holy Spirit to supply the answer sometime in the future.

Each individual participating in a D-Group group will be intentional to devote themselves to the reading, studying, and memorization of God’s word so that it may be meditated upon and applied into their lives. They will follow the MeadowBrook reading plan, applying the H.E.A.R. (Highlight, Explain, Apply, Respond) method as they study God’s word and follow a weekly memory plan.

Prayer will be what undergirds each group as they press into the Spirit’s power. The groups will open each session in prayer and spend time together in meaningful prayer. Together, the group will learn how to pray. Each D-Group member is encouraged to use a prayer journal, which may simply be your Journal Bible or a separate notebook/journal/app.

As your D-Group is exposed to the Bible, sin inevitably rises to the surface as members see the ways in which they aren’t like Christ Jesus. Together, the D-Group will apply the truths from the Bible to their lives, walking in submission to one another. Accountability will facilitate spiritual and life transformation. The group will grow confidently in trust with other members and open themselves to greater accountability. D-Group members offer accountability to one another by fostering intimacy, creating expectation and being assured of confidentiality.

Jesus appointed the twelve disciples so that they might be with him and he might send them out to preach. We are participating in D-Group for the same purpose. As a member of D-Group you will be challenged and expected to multiply. Following the 26 weeks, members will begin to do with others what they have experienced.

Expectations of D-Groups

Accountability is a major component in D-Groups. Members, in an effort to grow in Christ-likeness, submit themselves to be  accountable to other group members as they pursue Christ  together. This is begun by signing a covenant with the other members as each D-Group begins. Below are 6 expectations for someone considering a D-Group:

• Be fully committed to the Lord with the anticipation that we are entering into a season of accelerated spiritual transformation.

• Be faithfully present for each group meeting unless  providentially hindered.

• Diligently read and journal through God’s Word, coming ready  to share weekly what God is teaching us in these times.

• Submit to each other weekly in the spirit of accountability.

• Pray for one another as we learn from the Master and live on  mission together.

• Remain continually aware that we are learning in order to lead  and, by God’s grace, commit to replicate this group with others  upon the conclusion of this group.

D-Group is not for everyone. However, if God has sparked a desire in you to grow in Christ-likeness and to continue being renewed by him through his word and through prayer, then making the commitment to a D-Group may be where the Spirit is leading you.

If you are looking to join one of our D-Groups, email  .

Click HERE to download our 2020 D-Group Booklet

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