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December Update: Preschool

by Vickey Weeks on December 01, 2019


The very first Christmas looked a lot different than the one we will experience over the next few weeks. It was a string of God planned events that would come together to create a wonder filled story that would be told again and again and again. God sent His Son to earth in the form of a human baby who grew to be a man like no other. Ultimately, He gave His life for us. This month, we celebrate the beautiful gift of Jesus. We want preschoolers to say again and again that, ‘GOD GAVE US JESUS  and  JESUS IS GOD’S SON! We want it to live deep within their hearts so they grow to trust that God loves them with a love so great that He gave them His one and only Son, Jesus, to be their friend forever.

We begin with the angel telling Mary she is going to have a very special baby. Wow! What a day that must have been! Over the next couple of weeks, our preschoolers follow Mary and Joseph as they travel to Bethlehem where Jesus was born in a stable and the most amazing birth announcement EVER was delivered to nearby shepherds by angels! Then, it’s party time!!! We will sing happy birthday to Jesus and celebrate in such a super fun way that our preschoolers will  know for certain:

  1. It’s Jesus’ birthday
  2. We celebrate Jesus because He is God’s Son
  3. Christmas is all about JESUS’ birthday!

We will wrap up the big celebration with a visit from some very wise men. Hey, they too knew that  GOD GAVE US JESUS  and JESUS IS GOD’S SON!!!      


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