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February Update: Missions

by Mike Niemi on February 01, 2019

Global Missions Update

Coming up this month (2/15-2/23) we will be sending out a team to our local church partner in the Middle East. This is the first time we have sent a team to the Middle East. They will be spending a week with the local church there and seeing what it looks like to be the Church in a place that is filled with spiritual darkness and oppression. They will have discussions and spend a lot of time praying about how MeadowBrook can effectively walk beside this local church to help them so that they can live out their faith well and make a Gospel impact in their part of the world. So please be praying and looking for some prayer requests in the Connection Handout on Sunday 2/10.

If you are interested in joining one of our global teams around the world, please check out the website for more information or talk with Mike Niemi, Missions Pastor…256-441-1962 or . In 2019 we will be heading to Argentina, Cuba, Serbia, Uganda and Japan.

International Students at GSCC

The first International Student In-Home Dinner of the semester is coming up! This is a great opportunity for Life Groups or families to get together and make a global Gospel impact in your homes! Several times each semester we set aside a Sunday evening where our families and Life Groups can host the international students from Gadsden State in their homes. It is a great opportunity to build relationships, learn about a different part of the world, and have spiritual conversations! If you or your Life Group are interested in hosting students on one of these evenings, please contact Mike Niemi, Missions Pastor at 256-441-1962 or

The upcoming dates for the In-Home Dinners are:

  • Sunday, February 24th
  • Sunday, March 17th
  • Sunday, April 28th (this will actually be a dinner and game night in the church’s Dining Hall)

Praying for Opportunities

I recently started meeting with one of our young adults regularly to read the Bible together and have some discipleship time. We are working our way through a book of the Bible, making notes as we go as to what sticks out to us through the prompting of the Holy Spirit…even questions that we don’t know the answer to. One of the things we do as well is to pray together. I have a card that I keep in my pocket with a list of names on both sides…the names include this guy I am discipling as well as my family, others I am investing in as well as those that are in my life who don’t know Jesus, but need to. I have added the names of some of his co-workers to the list in recent weeks and we have been praying for them. Well, just the other day he contacted me and told me about how another of his co-workers and he got into a several hour conversation about the Bible and spiritual things! So now we have added another name to the card.

You know, the Lord does indeed answer when we pray! What would happen if we began to pray for those that are in our circles of relationships that don’t know Jesus, but need to. Do you think God would honor those prayers because they are in line with His heart for none to perish, but all to be saved (1 Timothy 2:3-4; 2 Peter 3:9)? I absolutely think He does! So who are you praying for? Would the Lord begin a mighty move in our community if we, His people, started to pray and were faithful with the opportunities that He opens up for us in our daily lives? Will you pray for those who don’t know Jesus yet, but need to? Will you keep your eyes open and be ready to speak when those opportunities come? May the Lord use us greatly this year to advance the Kingdom here in Etowah County and among the nations of the world!

Grace and Peace,
Mike Niemi, Missions Pastor

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