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July Update: Missions

by Mike Niemi on July 01, 2019

Uganda Team

During the beginning of June, we had a team in Entebbe, Uganda training a group of pastors and church planters from among the South Sudanese refugees in the camps of northern Uganda. Our training schedule for this group of pastors carries them through a variety of subjects over the course of 3 years, which for this group will end later this year. We will start with a new group of about 20-25 pastors in 2020.

Our team (Hunter Hindsman, Joey Coleman and Peter Rowe) this past month took the pastors on a journey through the book of Revelation in a week’s time. The discussion and learning were good and our hope is that they will take the message of hope in Christ’s return and reign as king back to the people groups they live among in the refugee camps in order to make disciples and plant churches. Pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen these pastors and expand His Kingdom among those peoples for His glory!


Worth Reading…

Most of us know that we are “called” to live our lives on mission in order to reach the world with the Gospel. But how do we do that in our everyday lives when we aren’t pastors and missionaries, but instead have normal, everyday jobs? How are we to view our lives and make them count for the Great Commission? Take a couple minutes and read this article by J.D. Greear (President of the SBC and Pastor of Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham, NC)… https://www.imb.org/2018/09/13/ordinary-believers-on-mission-jd-greear/

Ways you can engage this month…

  1. Be praying for your neighbors and co-workers or others in your circle of influence that do not know Jesus as Savior and Lord. Look for ways to spend time with them and opportunities to ask spiritual questions and share the Gospel.
  2. Help out during our CPR Training Class for foster parents in our Dining Hall on Saturday morning, July 13th…for more information on how to be involved with this ministry, contact Allycia Taylor at

Call to action

If you’re interested in one of our local or global opportunities you can contact Mike Niemi, Missions Pastor at or by checking out the church website at…


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