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March: Preschool

by Vickey Weeks on March 01, 2020


Following the leader is definitely something preschoolers love and understand. What they need to learn is that throughout life there will be countless choices of leaders they can follow. We want them to know who the best leader is to follow. And that is Jesus! JESUS IS THE BEST LEADER WE CAN FOLLOW!!!
We will start the month of March with someone who wanted people to know who the best leader is. His name is John the Baptist, and he spent his life teaching people that the best leader was coming and they should follow Him. Then we will learn that Jesus came, and boy did He change everything!!!! We will see how Jesus turned Andrew, Peter, James, and John from fishermen into faithful disciples with just two words. “Follow me.” Those men chose to follow Jesus, and their written words still help others follow Jesus to this day. In week three we hear that anyone can follow Jesus— even disliked, not so honest, tax collectors like Matthew. The choice Matthew made to follow Jesus changed him forever. However, during week four, we read that it wasn’t just Andrew, Peter, James, John, and Matthew that followed. Jesus asked twelve men to follow Him, and they did. We know them as the Disciples. Those twelve men followed Jesus everywhere. They watched, learned, and were changed. And, they went on to help others—lots of others—follow Jesus too. We can all follow Jesus. So, what happens when we follow Jesus? Well, when we follow Jesus, we learn how to love people the way Jesus loves people. That means during week five, we will learn that we can love everyone and what that love looks like for preschoolers. By the end of this month, when we ask preschoolers who can you follow, our prayer is that they will answer, I can follow Jesus. Why? Because Jesus loves us, and He will always lead us in the best way.

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