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March Update: Life Group

by Hunter Hindsman on March 07, 2019

March Life Group Update

Life Groups exist to connect people to Jesus Christ and His Church through consistent evangelism, follow-up and fellowship, to grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ and engage in making disciples who are well-equipped to love God and love others, and to serve together in MeadowBrook’s global and local mission effort and in the ministries of the church. We exist to glorify god.

A Word from Hunter

Simply put, we serve because Christ served us. In our Life Groups, we want to reflect the service Jesus engaged in while he was on earth. Jesus was selfless in his service (John 13) and concerned with the glory of the Father being made known (John 17). Jesus was also meeting lasting needs, eternal needs, not just temporary needs, for he knew man’s greatest need—reconciliation with God through faith in him (John 9).


This weekend many Life Groups will be serving all over Etowah County, and our hope is that this would lead to year-round ministry partnerships that reflect Christ with ministry partners. My hope and prayer is that each Life Group takes ownership of a particular ministry in this church and continues in gospel-centered ministry at that location.

Ways you can get involved this month

Serve Weekend is a wonderful opportunity for your Life Group to get involved. Here are some pointers to make the best use of Serve Weekend

  • Get as many of your Life Group involved. Call those who haven’t been in a while and see if they would be interested in serving. It could be the opportunity for someone to reconnect to community.
  • Pray. Pray. Pray before the service project. Pray during the service project. And Pray after. Gospel ministry occurs at each of our partnerships, and your prayers may be the means God uses to bring people into his kingdom.
  • Look for opportunities gospel conversations and take them (if possible).
  • Before you leave, set a time for your group to serve there again and stick to it!
  • Use the weekend to build deep relationships with members in your Life Group. Do not be afraid to have deep, intentional conversations with those you are serving alongside.
  • Reflect Christ:
    • Be selfless.
    • Be committed to the glory of the Father, not yours or MeadowBrook’s.
    • Be eternally focused even in the temporary service.

New Group Launched!

This past Sunday, our Single Adult Life Group had a successful launch! We are excited about the opportunity to minister to our Single Adults in our area. If you are interested in being a part of this newly launched group, please email me at and I will make sure you get connected with this wonderful group of people led by Don and Linda Davis.

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