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March Update: Missions

by Mike Niemi on March 04, 2019

Global Missions Update

Our team returned from the Middle East on 2/23. It was a good time of learning about the culture and the context in which our local church partner exists there. Although it is definitely a Muslim country, there is freedom to gather for worship above ground in buildings designated for churches. Pray for favor towards the Church in that country from the rulers so that they will be granted land in order to have their own building instead of having to share space with countless other churches. Be praying that doors for the Gospel will open with locals to hear and embrace Jesus as Savior and Lord. Pray that the believers in the local church will be growing and maturing in their faith and they will be helping others to do the same. We are hoping to see several of the pastors from our partner church here at MeadowBrook later on this year, so be watching to see when they will come and share about what the Lord is doing in them and through them for His glory!

Our next team to be heading out will be to Buenos Aires, Argentina in April. They will be spending time with our local church partner (Liniers Baptist Church), conducting a discipling training on holiness as well as meeting with the four members from Liniers who will be joining with a MeadowBrook team in September in Cuba to do evangelism!

If you are interested in joining one of our global teams around the world, please check out the website for more information or talk with Mike Niemi, Missions Pastor…256-441-1962 or . In 2019 we will be heading to Argentina, Cuba, Serbia, Uganda and Japan.


International Students at GSCC

The second International Student In-Home Dinner of the semester is coming up! This is a great opportunity for Life Groups or families to get together and make a global Gospel impact in your homes! Several times each semester we set aside a Sunday evening where our families and Life Groups can host the international students from Gadsden State in their homes. It is a great opportunity to build relationships, learn about a different part of the world, and have spiritual conversations! If you or your Life Group are interested in hosting students on one of these evenings, please contact Mike Niemi, Missions Pastor at 256-441-1962 or

The upcoming dates for the In-Home Dinners are:

  • Sunday, March 17th
  • Sunday, April 28th (this will actually be a dinner and game night in the church’s Dining Hall)


Caring for the Fatherless

Our Caring for the Fatherless ministry continues to grow. In the next few days during our Serve Weekend, our CFTF ministry will have opportunities for you to engage with such as providing snacks for the CPR Training we are hosting for the foster parents or providing child care for them while they are in the training. We have a group from MeadowBrook that will be out at Eagle Rock Ranch to help do some maintenance and construction projects for them.

And then on Monday night, 3/11, we will host our monthly Parents Night Out, where we feed dinner, help with homework, play games with, and engage with the Truth of God’s Word with the children of foster families. The Parents Night Out is a regular, monthly opportunity that is in need of individuals, families, or Life Groups to help provide dinner or child care for those evenings. The upcoming Parents Night Outs will be:

  • Monday, 3/11 @ 5:00 pm
  • Monday, 4/8 @ 5:00 pm
  • Monday, 5/13 @ 5:00 pm

If you are interested in helping with the Caring for the Fatherless Ministry, please contact Andrea Simmons at or 256-393-1051

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