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March Update: Students

by Matt Fike on March 08, 2019

Student Ministry

March 2019

What an exciting time it has been for students and families thus far in 2019! In the past three months we have seen three students to Christ come to know Christ, one student to surrender to the call into ministry, and numerous students grow hungry for God and be actively engaged in reaching others with the gospel at their schools! I can’t wait to see all that God continues to do in and through the lives of these students in the upcoming year! Here’s an update on what’s been happening and what’s coming up in our student ministry.

MidWeek Recap.png

 We are so grateful for the coaches and teachers who’ve shared their story over the past couple of months at MidWeek  Worship! God is working through their lives on the school campuses throughout our community and its exciting to get to come alongside them in reaching students with the Gospel! This past month we had Heath Simmons, BJ Brooks, Matt Kennedy and Jakea Player share their story with us!


Students will be serving this weekend at Eura Brown Elementary school painting  some walls! If you want to jump in, meet at the church parking lot at 9:00am on Saturday March 9th and come ready to serve! We should be finished up by 12:00pm.


Ladies, this one is just for you!