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May Update: Life Group

by Hunter Hindsman on April 26, 2019

Community is one of the great blessings of Life Group. The people in your Life Group are there with to celebrate and cry with you when your kids graduate. They are there to support and comfort you when a parent, spouse, and child dies as you grieve together. They are there to rejoice with you when your baby is born. Your Life Group is so much more than an hour on Sunday morning. It is a community of people who are doing this messy, exciting thing called “life” together for the kingdom of God. So, take time this month and over the summer to foster and develop this community. Invest in relationships. Pour out love into each other for the glory of God. Get to know each other, what’s going on in their lives, their families, and their marriages. Don’t settle with shallow engagement with each other. Life Groups aren’t social clubs centered around small talk about the game, or the yard or whatever. Life Groups are meant to be the group of people who we pursue Christ with all that we have, leaning on each other because we need each other. God did not save you for a private relationship with him. He saved you for a personal relationship with him exercised in the community of the local church. At MeadowBrook, we pursue this community primarily through our Life Groups.

Ways you can get involved this month

The month of May will provide many opportunities to foster and develop this type of community within your Life Group.

  • Graduation Recognition Sunday, May 5th. Celebrate with those families whose child is graduating and join them in praying for the faith of the child as they leave the parents’ home and head to college.
  • Child Dedication, May 12th (Mother’s Day). Celebrate with families who have welcomed new babies into their homes and are prayerfully dedicating themselves to raising these children in the faith. This is just as much of a commitment made by the church as it is by the parents. Also, take time to celebrate all the women in your Life Group and how much they mean to you and the life and ministry of MeadowBrook.
  • Crawfish Boil, May 15th. This is my favorite event of the year. Not only can you eat amazing crawfish and other things for those who do not like crawfish, but it is a time full of great laughs, conversation, and relaxed time together as the body of Christ. Come together as a Life Group and spend time enjoying each other’s company.
  • Night of Worship, May 22nd. In the midst of the busyness of May, with sports, graduations, end of year parties and field trips, the Night of Worship will be a great time to pull away from the craziness and simply worship the Lord. Encourage your Life Group to join you for this special night of worship.
  • Homemade Ice Cream Night, May 29th. This night wraps up our Wednesday Night time together until August and can serve as a great launch into a summer full of fellowship and ministry that occurs outside the walls of MeadowBrook. And there’s homemade ice cream. What more could you ask for?

Shout out to our Lay Ministers

Over Easter Weekend, we welcomed over 350 people who worshiped with us Friday Night with over 1200 people worshipping with us on Saturday and Sunday, many of whom are guests. This would not have been possible without the many hours of preparation and service our lay ministry teams put into carrying out MeadowBrook’s Ministry. Thank you to all of you who served, who worshipped with us, and who invited guests to come and hear the gospel proclaimed. God is using you to expand his Kingdom here at MeadowBrook.

If interested in being a part of carrying out the Sunday Morning ministry of MeadowBrook, please email me at

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