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May Update: Missions

by Mike Niemi on April 24, 2019

Global Missions Update

As you are receiving this email, our most recent team is returning from a week down in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have a partnership down there with Liniers Baptist Church. Our team conducted some training on the Christian life and spiritual disciplines. Each time we do a training down there with Liniers, they bring alongside themselves several other churches (3-5 other churches), including their church plants outside the city so that as many people as possible can see a Gospel impact in their churches and contexts.

Here at the end of this month we will be sending another team over to Uganda to spend some time with our South Sudanese pastors and church planters. The training this time will focus on the book of Revelation and then in September we will have the final training for this group of church planters and pastors (the second group of about 20-25 pastors we have trained over the years, putting the total number trained between 45-50 pastors). We will begin another 3 year cycle with a new group in 2020. With over 1 million refugees in the camps in northern Uganda there is still much work to be done to get the Gospel to as many people groups as possible. Please pray for our brothers as they set out in the camps to evangelize and make disciples, even when they face opposition. May the name of Jesus be known and worshiped among the South Sudanese people groups in northern Uganda!!!

If you are interested in joining one of our global teams around the world, please talk with Mike Niemi, Missions Pastor…256-441-1962 or .

Caring for the Fatherless

Each month we have a team of folks who have come alongside the foster care system in Etowah County to build relationships with and love on the foster parents and their kids. The main way we do that is a monthly Parents Night Out that we host here at MeadowBrook. If you or your Life Group are interested in joining up with this ministry through helping to provide food or to care for the children, then please contact Andrea Simmons at 256-393-1051 or

Local Ministry Opportunities

All throughout the year we have several open doors to engage those who are at or below the poverty line in our area through different ministries. If you are interested in one of these opportunities then please contact the following:

  • Open Hands: Elona Morgan at 256-390-8933 or
  • Way of the Cross: Ron Crawford at 810-730-6812 or
  • Etowah Baptist Missions Center: Karen Lee at 256-393-3623 or

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