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November Update: Life Group

by Hunter Hindsman on October 31, 2019

During November join me in praying for the ministry of Life Group in 2020.

November marks the beginning of the end for 2019. Before we know it, we will be throwing away Christmas wrapping paper—saving the bows of course for next year—wondering at how another year has come and gone.

I fully expect in 2020, we will rejoice at how the Spirit has worked through Life Groups in ways not anticipated. I hope that new ministry starts up. I hope that lives are transformed. I hope that families are built up in the faith. My hope is for God to move. So, let’s ask him to.

November 3rd – Thank God for what he has done thus far in 2019, and ask for forgiveness for anyways we have diverted from the will of God, quenched the Spirit, and selfishly focused on our wants rather than the Kingdom.

November 10th – Pray that in 2020 God will move in our Life Group ministry. Humbly confess our inability to accomplish his will and ask for the Spirit to empower, direct, and accomplish the ministry we will seek to do in 2020.

November 17th – Pray that the lost will be saved, families strengthed, and the word taught faithfully.

November 24th – Pray for our Life Group leaders and that we, as a ministry, would have hearts sensitive to the Spirit and given to his ministry.


We are utterly helpless apart from you. We do not desire what we could do. We want what you can do. Transform us by your Spirit, helping us to grow in intimate knowledge of you and conforming us into the image of your Son. I ask that you would open eyes to the truth of the gospel and call people—neighbors, family members, strangers, other kids on our children’s sports teams—unto yourself for salvation. Stir within us a heart to multiply the Kingdom through personally inviting others to church, sharing the gospel with them, and launching new Life Groups for the purpose of reaching new people. Strengthen the families at MeadowBrook. Give us insight into how we could use the giftings we have received by your grace for greater Kingdom impact at MeadowBrook. Bless our Life Group teachers as they teach and lead your people. Give them wisdom and insight, helping them by your Spirit to rightly divide the Word of truth. And Lord, may Jesus Christ be glorified through the Life Group ministry at MeadowBrook. We need you. Apart from Christ we are nothing and can do nothing. May we be found faithful to abide in him. In the name of Jesus, our Savior and King, we pray,


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