Current Series

1 Timothy

Loving God with Effort

Walking with God is being intentional, relational, transparent, and expressive with him. It is choosing to step in cadence with Jesus’ holy and purposeful living.

Vision Series

A series exploring the essential beliefs of MeadowBrook that guides our ministry and life.


An in-depth study of the book of James. 

Biblical Living

The book of Proverbs directly speaks to how God's plan and purpose for our lives on earth.

40 Days of Renewal 2020

40 Days of Renewal is an intentional season when, as a church, we pursue lasting renewal in Christ in every area of life.

Proverbs: Walking in Wisdom

The Book of Proverbs, like all others in the Bible, points to Jesus and calls to the reader to know Jesus, to walk with him, and to be in a relationship with him.


The Book of Psalms is full of rich insight into God's plan for our lives. It speaks to our response to God, both in seasons good and bad.