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Stand-alone Sermon

Jun 02, 2019 | Al Garrett

Psalm 51

Psalm 51:10-15

Question:  How do you determine who is a believer?

  1. By their actions, good and bad
  2. By their religious practices
  3. By their declaration
  4. You can’t, don’t try, you’re judging

Two rules of Cause and effect

Your ____SINS_______ always have __CONSEQUENCES__.

Your __ACTIONS  _ reveal your _­­­­­­______HEART______.

Luke 6:45           

God’s charge against David: _______TREASON__________

God’s solution to the problem:

_____________HOLY SPIRIT________________

_____________PURE HEART________________


What happens in the believer when God’s solution is utilized?

  1. __________CONFESSION__________
  2. ____________JOY_______________
  3. _________EXPRESSION___________
  4. _______PERSONAL REVIVAL_______

What happens around the believer?

  1. __TRANSGRESSORS__ will learn _____GODS_____ ways


  1. _____SINNERS__­___ will turn to _______GOD_______




How do you tell who is a believer?

A believer is one more concerned with how God is ___perceived____ than how they are _______received________.



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