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Stand-alone Sermon

Feb 14, 2021 | Hunter Hindsman

The Preacher of Righteousness

Genesis 6 | The Preacher of Righteousness

In wicked times, God raises up his righteous followers to be vessels of his mercy—even if the result is judgment.


Jesus, The Greater Noah

Giver of eternal rest

Born with divine purpose for the eternal salvation of his people

The one with whom God was well pleased

Walked with God perfectly

Preacher of righteousness

Accomplished the work God gave to him

Provided salvation for humanity

 Christ in You: Following Noah’s Example of Living by Faith

As Noah prefigured Christ, we are called to postfigure Christ—meaning that in the empowerment of the Spirit, we are to let Jesus’ life and character shine through us as we live lives of faith. (See Galatians 2:20)

 1.Believe God’s Word, even when it seems unfathomable.

 Where are you struggling to believe God’s Word?

 What set Noah apart from his generation was that he believed the Word of the Lord and lived accordingly. Do you want to know the joy and satisfaction of life with Christ? Then take God at his word. Believe when you don’t feel like it and believe when you’re not sure. Even if you have to be like the man who cried out to Jesus “I believe! Help my unbelief,” do that! Just trust in the word of the Lord—especially when it seems unfathomable to your limited perspective and understanding. Believe. He will not let you down.

 _________,   ___   _____________! ___________  ______  ___________. Amen.

 2. Walk with God.

God does not hold his nose at you. He delights in his followers and desires for you to be in fellowship with him. Walk with him. Abide in his Word. Spend time with him in prayer. Sing praises to him throughout your days. And abide in his body, the church. For in the church, we see the fullest expression of God’s indwelling ministry on earth and receive his encouragement from his people. In Christ, you are in relationship with the God who created the universe, and he loves you! So, walk with him!

 3. Do the work God has for you.

Today is the day for those in the church to do the work God has called them to in their work, in the home, and in their gospel ministry. Is it difficult? Yes. Is it monotonous and tedious at times? You bet. But it’s the honorable work God has ordained to further his kingdom on earth. He is with you. He will sustain you (see Isaiah 40:28-31).

 4. Be a preacher of righteousness.

Peter called Noah a preacher of righteousness (2 Pet. 2). Through Noah, the Spirit of Christ preached to his generation now suffering God’s judgment (1 Pet. 3). So, Noah was not just building an Ark. He was proclaiming to his peers the righteousness of God, the coming judgment, and the ark of salvation. Unfortunately, no one listened except for his family, but that’s not the point. Noah was faithful to proclaim the word of God. God is responsible for the results.

 May we be faithful to do the same in our generation.

 If you are in Christ, you are a saint of God and called to be a vessel of his mercy in this generation. Will you take up the call?

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