The Time is Now - Prayer Points

Praying for The Time is Now

Week 1

  • Pray God’s wisdom and gift of discernment be given to the staff, the building team, the church, Black Design Architects, engineers, Johnson/Kreis Construction Company.

  • Pray for God’s will to be known and completed as we enter the final tier of The Time is Now Initiative.

  • Pray that the building design will prove functional for ministry for many years and generations to come.

  • Bless God for the historic faithfulness of MeadowBrook generations.

  • Ask God to increase our faith as we begin the final tier and soon begin construction.

Week 2

  • Pray that each member of the MeadowBrook family will identify, pray for and purposefully share the gospel message with one person in need of salvation.
  • Pray for Black Design Architecture as they continue to design the facility. (Richard, Lance, Paul & Haley)
  • Pray for our building team members and architects as they meet Thursday, March 21.
  • Pray for God to be honored and glorified during the Initiative.
  • Pray, “God, what do you want to do through our church family and through me during The Time is Now Initiative?

Week 3

  • Praise God for the $5.2 million received to date for The Time is Now Initiative. Thank him for the resources and for stirring the people to give sacrificially.
  • Bless the Lord for the resources already entrusted to us as a church, including our property and facilities.
  • Ask the Lord to use The Time Is Now Initiative to grow the faith and obedience of each MeadowBrook member.
  • Ask the Lord to bless our efforts to our gospel reach into the Middle East, Japan and Cuba this year.
  • Petition the Lord to prepare our hearts and minds, so that our thoughts, attitudes andactions about the Initiative honor him.

Week 4

  • Pray for insight, discernment, and wisdom for JohnsonKreis Construction Company as they prepare a proposal for the church.
  • Pray that we each are filled with faith, marked with sacrificial living, and moved with generosity, and that will be evident in our Estimate of Giving Cards submitted on or before April 14.
  • Pray for the work and workers who will soon begin clearing our Manor Street property. 
  • As we prepare for this summer’s construction start, everyone is asked to complete and return an Estimate of Giving Card. Cards are available in the handout, chair-pocket and online at Please, take a faith-filled step forward by completing and returning your estimate card.