The Time is Now - Prayer Points

Praying for The Time is Now

Week 1

  • Pray God’s wisdom and gift of discernment be given to the staff, the building team, the church, Black Design Architects, engineers, Johnson/Kreis Construction Company.

  • Pray for God’s will to be known and completed as we enter the final tier of The Time is Now Initiative.

  • Pray that the building design will prove functional for ministry for many years and generations to come.

  • Bless God for the historic faithfulness of MeadowBrook generations.

  • Ask God to increase our faith as we begin the final tier and soon begin construction.

Week 2

  • Pray that each member of the MeadowBrook family will identify, pray for and purposefully share the gospel message with one person in need of salvation.
  • Pray for Black Design Architecture as they continue to design the facility. (Richard, Lance, Paul & Haley)
  • Pray for our building team members and architects as they meet Thursday, March 21.
  • Pray for God to be honored and glorified during the Initiative.
  • Pray, “God, what do you want to do through our church family and through me during The Time is Now Initiative?”


Week 3

  • Praise God for the $5.2 million received to date for The Time is Now Initiative. Thank him for the resources and for stirring the people to give sacrificially.
  • Bless the Lord for the resources already entrusted to us as a church, including our property and facilities.
  • Ask the Lord to use The Time Is Now Initiative to grow the faith and obedience of each MeadowBrook member.
  • Ask the Lord to bless our efforts to our gospel reach into the Middle East, Japan and Cuba this year.
  • Petition the Lord to prepare our hearts and minds, so that our thoughts, attitudes andactions about the Initiative honor him.